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A skilled, thorough and resourceful attorney.

5.0 stars

Posted by Dawn K.  July 22, 2012

I initially met Mr. Bohm through a mutual colleague and today, I can say he is not simply "my attorney" but a colleague as well. Mr. Bohm has proven to not only be highly resourceful, but a very skilled, diplomatic and thoughtful professional. In addition, I found him to be incredibly thorough, patient and always got the sense that my situation was being handled well and with the utmost diligence. I proudly and strongly refer him to those seeking legal counsel, advice, or looking to discuss and decipher any options that may be before them.

Thorough attention to my requests

5.0 stars

Posted by Jeanette  December 2, 2015

 Hired attorney

Documents I requested were prepared in a timely manner and met the specifications I had requested. When I had questions about some of the specifics, they were clearly explained to me. I was able to sit down with him and sign each document with attention to details. At a time when legal obligations were somewhat overwhelming, I trusted that Pinni's suggestions would meet my needs.

A True Gentleman

5.0 stars

Posted by Manuel  October 22, 2015

 Hired attorney


I am truly privilege to be asked to write about Pinni Bohm. He has extensive knowledge of the law. He always puts his clients needs before his own. Pinni is not only a professional. Most importantly he's a gentleman. When I was introduced to Pinni he was my clients lawyer. I realized in just a few conversations with my client how efficient he is. It was such a good experience. That I hired him as a lawyer for personal use. As my attorney Pinni superseded expectations. If I am I had to recommend a lawyer he would be the one. Thank you again Pinni for all the great work. Look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Efficient and effective

5.0 stars

Posted by Julian  October 14, 2015

 Hired attorney

Knowing Pinni Bohm personally, I had no doubt that he would provide excellent legal services for my wife and I. Pinni communicates quickly and his services proved to be thorough and excellent.  Highly recommend.

Always professional

5.0 stars

Posted by Marie  October 1, 2015

 Hired attorney

My estate was an unusual one. The case lasted almost three years. In this time I really got to know Mr Bohm.  Patient ,knowledgeable,so dedicated. I would definitely use and recommend this attorney .

Extremely Helpful!

5.0 stars

Posted by Amna  September 4, 2015

 Hired attorney

I cannot put in words how amazing of a lawyer Mr. Bohm is. He was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and went out of his way to help our family. We definitely had zero knowledge of estate planning and Mr. Bohm explained everything to us thoroughly and in simple terms. We would definitely recommend him to all our family and friends. He is exceptional at what he does and we will definitely be a returning client in future when the need arise. If you need help with estate planning and wills I would recommend that you reach out to Mr. Bohm.

the early reviews are in

5.0 stars

Posted by jim  March 21, 2015

 Consulted attorney

and so far pinni has been great. professional, courteous, helpful. the process is underway and we're hoping for a quick and easy outcome.

Friendly, Readily Available, knowledgable anf Trustworthy

5.0 stars

Posted by Wanda  October 9, 2014

My experience with Pinni Bohm was great. He is very personable, excellent communication as well as knowledgeable. He not only helped with Estate Planning but, also with Power of Attorney as well as a number of other legal matters. I was made to feel very comfortable working together to obtain a fantastic end result. I would recommend this attorney to anyone.

Most accessible lawyer, with exceptional results and services

5.0 stars

Posted by Elias  February 8, 2014

I believe Pinni Bohm and his law firm are exceptional. He is the type of lawyer, that counters all the stereotypes.

Pinni Bohm helped me resolve an Estate issue (contesting a Will) with my Brother and Sister. Without him, I would have only achieved half the settlement (I know for certain since I tried for months on my own).

At the beginning, when shopping for a lawyer, he was the only one who provided his direct cell number. He picked up several times during my shopping phase, including once while in court. This easy accessibility feature was so great and became my deciding factor.

Pinni was also priced well, ensuring I could afford the entire process.

From the first step, he was honest about my costs and risks. He never once tried to sell me on a solution the benefited him. He even adjusted his retainer so I could walk slower into the process.

Once he started the process, he kept me continually updated by email. He took his time to research legal cases and even medical studies. All of that information was used in responses to my Brother's lawyer. It was amazing to see how detailed my position was communicated. Whereas my Brother's lawyer appeared to be disorganized, just making calls and discussions without much knowledge or details. Pinni read every single document and remembered the material (I was not constantly explaining or rehashing information)

Pinni formally documented each verbal discussion with my Brother's lawyer. Then sent me a copy by email so I was comfortable on progress.

Pinni completed a detailed review of the Settlement Agreement, and demanded several fixes as well as a clean-up of terminology to avoid any tricks. He worked hard to make it perfect.

When my Brother and Sister changed their mind on the Settlement Agreement, Pinni pushed hard to get back on track. In less than a month, it was all recovered.

I couldn't have asked for better results or service than Pinni Bohm and his law firm.

Patient, Knowledgeable, and Friendly Wills and Trusts Laywer

5.0 stars

Posted by Yitta  August 12, 2013

Pinni Bohm is the best and most patient attorney that I have ever worked with. He never made me feel that I was driving him crazy, (which I think I did); very very knowledgeable on all estate planning matters and every change in the tax law. All in all, I would very highly recommend him to all my family and friends.

Pinni Bohm is extremely helpful, thoughtful, saved my money and time.

5.0 stars

Posted by Liz  February 25, 2013

Pinni Bohm helped me with my husband's small estate probate. After our first meeting, Pinni sent me an email telling me that he did more research and found a way for me to attain access to my husband's funds without involving Surrogate's Court. He helped me with the small estate affidavit free of charge and dropped off the papers to save me a trip out to his office. He did not charge me for any of the extra time he spent! He is very understanding, thoughtful, friendly, very professional and reliable. He helped me avoid the delays and expenses associated with the Surrogate's Court and lifted a burden off my shoulders. I highly recommend Pinni Bohm as your next lawyer. I am very satisfied.

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